Sochi Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony: The best moments

160 minutes that made history.

sochi 2014

Russia put on a dazzling display on Friday night, when the world turned its attention to the opening ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games at the Fisht Olympic Stadium.

During the ceremony, the competing teams made an entrance into the stadium; and a fireworks display wowed the audience that included high profile guests Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco.

“I wanted to present the history of Russia as seen though the eyes of a little girl, who represents the feminine side of Russia,” said opening ceremony chief producer Konstantin Ernst, adding, “The real Russians, untainted by decades of propaganda and the cold war.”


The opening ceremony didn’t quite reach its full glow due to a technical malfunction, which prevented five Olympic rings from illuminating correctly, with only four lit.


Referring to the malfunction, Konstantin Ernst revealed: “Zen Buddhists have this idea that when you have a perfectly polished sphere, you should leave a notch in it so you can understand just how perfectly it is polished.” He further stated: “In technical terms the rings were the simplest thing in the whole show. They turned out to be our notch.”


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Source: Buro24/7