PARAMOUR Musical. Cirque du Soleil on Broadway

Get ready and be prepared to be swept off your feet with an unforgettable entertainment experience. Cirque du Soleil is back on Broadway, and this time, it will amaze you with its most breathtaking spectacle ever – PARAMOUR.

PARAMOUR represents a sublime hurricane of feelings, emotions, and seductive expressions. Now opened at the Lyric Theater, the show features a more traditional Broadway performance in contrast to their acrobatic circuses prevalent in the recent shows.

But as we all know, Cirque du Soleil has no ordinary musicals. PARAMOUR will impress you with its world class visionary production design, fascinating story, engaging songs, bright characters, energizing tunes, and kinetic theatrics.

You will be transferred to the Golden Age of Hollywood where a famous movie director is seeking a new star for his film called “Paramour”. A beautiful young actress gets hired then faces a complicated dilemma in which she has to choose between the glamorous, alluring and full of promise world of Hollywood or true love.

PARAMOUR (as defined, is a person who is having a secret romantic and perhaps improper relationship) will evoke dozens of feelings through its intrigue, fascinating scenario and the breathtaking magic of the spectacular performance.

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