Employees Only Bar

If you are on the hunt for a unique, speakeasy bar in New York City where the crowd is glamorous and fun, cocktails are just phenomenal, and the atmosphere is filled with the spirit of the 1920s and ’30s, Employees Only is the only place to go.

Ever dreamed about ‘Dooblicated’ yourself?

Now you can have as many of you as you wish and DOOB 3D located in Soho can help you. DOOB™ is a full-service 3D tech company, founded in Dusseldorf, Germany with regional HQs in NYC and Tokyo. Step into the pop-up Wooster Street location to get...

The Top Five 80’s, 90’s Music Lounges

In New York City, it doesn’t matter which area you live in and what day of the week it is for having an array of choices to entertain yourself. The city offers a variety of options on how to spend your evening and night.

Dinner Show “Queen of the Night”

As a native  New Yorker or someone who is just visiting the Big Apple, you must definitely experience the overall effect of “Queen of the Night”.

Elite Hotel Baccarat In Manhattan

Manhattan constantly surprises its residents and those who come here for business and leisure with over-the-top hotel newcomers, mind-blowing accommodations, and some of the best spa facilities.

Elite Tailoring By Vesture

Your bespoke outfit inevitably reflects your personality, taste, status, and ambitions. That’s why there is one and only way to connect all the dots in the process of cultivating the style that is right for you –  and it’s...

The Ultimate Living: 53W53 Tower by Jean Nouvel

The superior skyscraper, known as the MoMA Expansion Tower and 53W53, will definitely bolster the luxury real estate market in Midtown. Sales at this one-of-a-kind tower are going to commence any day now.

China: Through The Looking Glass

For those of you who have not had a chance to visit the renowned exhibition “China: Through The Looking Glass” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is another opportunity to see this one-of-a-kind spectacular show.

The Golf Club At Chelsea Piers

It’s time to hit a few golf balls in Manhattan with your sidekick. The Gorod introduces the ultimate all-weather facility overlooking the Hadson River. This terrific place is Manhattan’s only year-round multi-leveled outdoor driving...