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Luxurious Spa Castle in Manhattan

Forget about going all the way to Queens in order to indulge and relax at the renowned Spa Castle. Now you are able to enjoy colorful saunas, therapy rooms, spa and breathtaking pools at the new Spa Castle Premier, which is located in Manhattan (115 East 57th Street).

The new relaxation heaven offers a perfect combination of European spas and traditional Asian saunas. It features an outdoor and ample indoor areas. The spa resides on the three top floors of the building (38,000s.f. total), offering amazing facilities that will surpass your health and wellness expectations.

Once you get to the spa, you will be given a special wrist watch. The watch will open your personal locker and will run your tab for every purchase or service you get during your visit there. Try to attend every theme room at the Spa Castle Prime. Each room offers a special healing effect to your body and mind.

The Gold Room (which is made of gold plates) is perfect to comfort sore limbs. The Himalayan Salt Room helps to relieve asthma and allergies. It also reduces signs of aging and makes your skin soft and smooth. The Loess Soil Sauna is a wonderful place for meditation.

The Spa Castle Prime also features the Ice Room, the Waterfall Room, facilities for kids, plenty of places to drink and eat and much more.

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