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There is no limit in the sky. Elite travelers prefer to live their lives without limitation, choosing a private jet for their exclusive trips and diplomatic flights. In every travel itinerary it is important to work with the right private jet charter company, that will satisfy your needs. For a discerning and knowledgable VIP travelers, THE GOROD introduces the Top 5 private aviation companies.


XOJET have become the fastest-growing private luxury aviation company in history. With more than 5000 customers, XOJET is a real trusted private aviation adviser and provider for elite private jet flights. The value and service of the company is exceptional.

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They don’t lock you into options that you don’t need. They just deliver the most exclusive private aviation expertise that is right for you. XOJET provides the largest charter fleet of Citation X, Challenger 300, Hawker 800XP and not only. Once you will become a Private Jet Card Holder at XOJET, you will access incredible programs that the company offers. From one time charter flight to long-term membership programs, XOJET gives you a plenty of solutions that meet your needs. You will be able to save 40-50% over the cost of the most prestige private jets and enjoy their high-end services on every flight you take. XOJET has the highest safety ratings in the industry. In all 12ARG/US Platinum safety rating categories, the company was ranked either #1 or #2. They proudly hold the status of the only private jet company that offers fixed, low prices for popular destinations between 22,000 private and commercial airport. Forget about having a headache for booking a hotel or trying to find good seats for an upcoming concert. XOJET Concierge Access is convenient  and valuable for getting you to a variety of special events, luxurious resort properties and outstanding hotels worldwide. No one else has the benefits that XOJET provides to their discerning clientele.

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Founded in 2004 by German-born Thomas Flohr, Vista Jet is one of the leading private jet charter companies in the world. Flohr’s daughter Nina (who’s mother is a founding editor of Russian Vogue) is in charge of communications and branding. She makes sure that Vista Jet gives the best in private aviation to their sophisticated wealthy clients.

The fleet of state-of-art Bombardier aircraft will take you anytime you want anywhere in the world, whether is Moscow, London or Abu Dhabi. They cover every detail to make your trip is unforgettable, comfortable and, of course, safe. Once you take to the sky, you feel at home. They provide an unparalleled service tailored to your needs. The coffee will be served in a way you like it, and your favorite bottle of wine will wait for you on board. You can also purchase a Bombardier from Vista Jet and own the aircraft outright. All the operational aspects, maintenance and management will be handled by them making the jet’s performance efficient and effective. Your then make your aircraft part of the Vista Jet fleet, giving you unlimited availability on your aircraft type. They guaranty they will provide you with the most favorable rates in the industry. Among the company’s jewels, you can get the ultimate super jet like Global 6000, Challenger 850, Challenger 605, Learjet 60XR and others.

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Within four hours Blue Star Jets will arrange you the access to the best private jet for any charter flight to any destination worldwide. According to United States Federal Aviation (FAA) regulation Part 136, Blue Star Jets is the largest broker for private jets that offer its clients an impeccable luxury service and convenience. Operators that provide services to Blue Star Jets are highly professional. Every of them meets standards that are set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Blue Star Jets will customize your every travel experience and fit your precise needs. The company does not own, operate or manage aircrafts. Its a very successful air charter broker that will assist you in finding the best operator for each private air charter. With access to more than 4000 aircraft globally, they will deliver to you every modern make and model business jet, turboprop and helicopter. Once you have picked the right aircraft, they will provide you with an interior picture of the jet prior to your flight, making sure you are satisfied with every detail and know what to expect. In collaboration with the Bluefish concierge company, Blue Star Jets will give you unique, once-in-a-lifetime memories. Bluefish offers the rarest opportunities in the world. An extremely elite service, they can provide you with access to high-profile events, such as The Kentucky Dearby and The Grammy Awards. The prime Bluefish service is perfect for rich and famous people who are looking for the ultimate in luxury leisure, personalized travel, entertainment-related services, and VIP Hospitality. From military jet flights in Russia, to submersible dives in the Atlantic Ocean to see the Titanic, to a breathtaking flight into space, the Bluefish team will place you in unbelievable life experience.

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This company really finds the best solution for you as the top flight provider in the aviation industry with an excellent knowledge in private jet charters, cargo movements and group charters. They specialize in jet charter flights, plane charters, aircraft sales and management, in-flight catering, and aircraft delivery services. Fortune 500 companies and wealthy individuals are supplied with finest aircrafts from Luxury Aircraft Solutions. If you are traveling with your family or with a group for a corporate trip, or you are a rock band on tour, the L.A.S. source a perfect aircraft for you satisfying your expectations.

To make your journey more pleasant they can enhance it with branding of the plane and custom catering on board services. Most importantly, the company provides the highest levels of safety for their clientele. For domestic charter within the United States, Luxury Aircraft Solutions provides 24/7 on-demand service to more than 5000 airports. If you are traveling from London to Moscow or Dubai, the company will deliver the right aircraft and service according to your personal requirements. Regarding the empty leg flights: one way flights are often available as a discount. And if your trip plans are matching those of another jet on a simple route, the company will provide you with a lower cost options. Every traveler will be treated to the Luxury Aircraft Solutions’ in-flight catering. Its one of the best caterer in New York and New Jersey, that also serves LGA, JFK, FRG, ISP, TEB, HPN and all the Hamptons area airports. Their talented and professional chefs bring unique meal preparation to every dish they make for you. Luxury Aircraft Solutions is an unparalleled level of expertise and services.

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Find your peace of mind with One Sky Jets. The company offers fractional ownership with simplicity, flexibility and great choice of a private jet charters. One Sky Jets boasts access to over 2,500 approved high-end private jets. Their on-line planner tool will help you to get an instant search for a premium jet you desire. Every Certified Part 135 operator meets required FAA standard and additional OneSky Jets safety standards.

The Latitude Membership Program offers you a personal flight advisor and advocate services, complimentary catering upgrades, insured availability of the aircraft on as little as 10 hours notice, and much more. One Sky Jets is an on-demand service company, so you only pay for each trip you take. There are no upfront fees and they do not set fixed hourly prices for your flights. Each price will differ from trip to trip. Being widely regarded as the pioneer in harnessing the power of advanced information technology and the provider of safety and quality assurance, One Sky Jets became the official partner for Trackstar-Racing company. Trackstar-Racing is the first celebrity VIP Motorclub which members include Oscar winning actors, fashion models and International Footballers, that share a common interest in racing. With One Sky Jets you will benefit from high-end service, excellent pricing, variety of jet choices and a consistently wonderful travel experience.

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