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Elite White Desert Hotel in Antarctica For $80,000 a Week

It’s not that easy to find a mind-blowing trip for a wealthy connoisseur who has traveled the world and has seen the most mesmerizing places on our planet. Some of the WHNI would only accept a five-star luxury hotel by the beach with 24/7 concierge service. Others would rather go for an exciting wilderness adventure that lets the inner child go wild.

The second category of elite travelers choose a camping-like environment but still, there are very few destination-perks available for those who would spend over $80,000 for an unforgettable journey that brings a person close to nature.

One of those spots features a hostile environment located in Antarctica. Welcome to the White Desert resort.

This place is unlike anything you’ve seen before, and we call it “a-perfect-Glamping-getaway”.

You will be offered the finest amenities which are luxurious and full of the adventurous spirit at the same time. Your room will be a heated igloo which is a part of the assembly of the camp.

  If you’ve seen Elon Musk’s presentation on his journey to Mars project, you will find a similarity between the White Desert and the space camp.
Each pod is equipped with a lounge, a library, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and of course, there is never-ending champagne flow, fur throws and much more…
For $80,000 per person, you can enjoy your stay here for a week. If you would like to get a taste of it for a day then it will cost you only $10,000.
Prince Harry and the space legend Buzz Aldrin are among those who already have been spotted at this Antarctic Wonderland. Don’t wait too long making up your mind.
The only time offered to enjoy the White Desert is the month of November and December.
  While staying at this “space colony” you will be able to pick dozens of activities tailored to your taste and preferences. Do not expect something ordinary though since it’s not an ordinary place.

The entertainment list includes options like ice climbing, trekking via ice tunnels, flying above the South Pole, visiting the land of 6000 Emperor Penguins, visiting researchers, and much more.



The journey is worth all the expense,  now it’s time to book your one-of-a-kind adventure.

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