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Cryotherapy. The Coldest Elite Body Treatment in NYC

So-called “Whole Body Cryotherapy” became extremely popular among celebrities in California such as Demi Moore, Daniel Craig and Jessica Alba. Now this elite body treatment is overtaking the city of New York.

Once you try the cryotherapy, it will inevitably become your habit, your weekly addiction as the feeling you will get after one speedy session is just sensational.

You will be exposed to freezing nitrogen gas in the 6-foot-tall cryo-sauna for just three minutes literally freezing yourself at minus -264 degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing you will have on is a pair of socks and some woolen gloves.

This one-of-a-kind treatment boosts your energy and guarantees weight loss and muscle relief. The benefits of cold have been appreciated for many thousands of years.

The extreme cold has an extensive history of use in relieving pain and rejuvenating the body.

As you know, athletes are using it to improve performance, to reduce injury recovery time, swelling and pain. Christiano Ronaldo, after being introduced to cryotherapy, acquired his own “cooling machine” for $50,000.

At KryoLife, located at 57 West 57th Street in Manhattan, you can enjoy the therapy of the century for just $90.

Wondering how it works? At such temperature, the air doesn’t contain moisture, therefore, the cold is not penetrating your skin like it would in the coldest days in Alaska. The immune system gets instantly boosted, stimulating collagen production. You will get an enormous amount of endorphins, blood will get oxygenated, your energy will skyrocket.

The KryoLife also alleviates the symptoms of depression, insomnia and anxiety, it detoxicates your body, reduces inflammation and smoothes wrinkles. For a busy New Yorker, who is always on the go the cryotherapy is undoubtedly beneficial.


Attention: It’s not recommended to use cryotherapy if your circulation is poor, if you are pregnant, if you have blood clots or asthma. Consult your physician and check your blood pressure before trying this treatment. 

KryoLife Business Hours:

Monday – Friday:
7-9am. 11-2 pm and 5-8 pm

Saturdays: 9:30-11:30am, 1:30-3:30 pm
Sunday: closed

For more information visit:

KryoLife, 57 W. 57th St.

Tel: 212-551-3333