Werenbach. Watches Made of Space Rockets

When it comes to choosing an ideal watch, a masterpiece that will make you check on time more frequently due to its appealing look, you often consider parameters such as an unparalleled design, price, and craftsmanship. Finding that one timepiece that is unique and extraordinary is quite challenging even though there are plenty of options available on the market. Now, behold the Werenbach watch!

This watch is inspiring, it tells a great story and makes history in the watchmaking industry. Since 2013, Werenbach has been designing and producing ultimate timepieces made from real space rocket materials.

 The Swiss company and its rare watches allow you to escape the ordinary. After the rocket leaves the edge of the horizon, on its way to outer space, the engines are melting down and jettisoned.
The Werenbach company gives those spaceships another life by turning them into supreme watch cases.
 Each timepiece tells a unique story.
The Extended Collection features space-themed details such as the name “SOYUZ TMA” on the side of the watch, integrated into the engravings astronaut on the side, and more.
 The collection’s core masterpiece, the Booster Shell Edition, was “born” from the outer shell of a Soyuz rocket which makes it even more distinct due to the dents, scratches and scorched metal from the rockets reentry and ultimate crashing into the Earth.
 Since only original materials are being used for each watch case, you will be able to identify which part of the rocket it comes from because of the specific color of its parts.
Soyuz MS-02 (manned mission to ISS) was launched on October 19th, 2016 from the Kazakhstan Baikonur.
 The materials for the authentic timepiece were taken from the rocket’s propulsion system and boosters.
The journey of every rocket, in general, is very fascinating. The lower stages break away after they run off the fuel and only the upper rocket’s stage heads beyond the Karman line and reaches the final destination.
The Soyuz MS-02, when it blasted into space and reached an altitude of about 50km, its booster was jettisoned followed by its fairing at an altitude of 85km. The rocket pieces were directed back to Earth by the infinite power of gravity and fell in the military restricted area of Kazakhstan.
 Next thing you know, the rocket’s path leads to the discovery and further creation of timepieces worth looking at.
Historically, rockets always seem to be transferring us into the future. Werenbach brings space and the excitement of the future to your wrist, igniting the spark of uniqueness in every detail of the watch.
 The Atelier Collection is the smallest line, which makes it more desirable. Each hand-made timepiece is created and manufactured in Zurich featuring the case made of a melted down engine of the rocket.
 The Black Edition watch showcases a minimalistic design and is distinctly encompasses an adventurous art for captivating your attention.
If you would like to add more exclusivity to an already perfect Solar Edition watch, Werenbach can deliver it with a pure gold face instead of a brushed brass one.
 We are living in a new exciting era of human deep space exploration. Space inspires us, it makes us embrace the future.
Werenbach watches are detailed masterpieces for adventurous minds, explorers, outliners, goal-achievers, and leaders.
 As per the CEO and Founder of Werenbach, Patrick Hohmann, “Nothing challenges me more than overcoming barriers and conventions, and when I see the opportunity to trigger emotion, there is nothing stopping me from implementing an idea”.
Werenbach watch ultimately embodies the spirit of discovery, excitement, and space travel history at once.

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